How to model a list of questionnaires that must be filled by a Patient

Hello, I’m having some trouble modeling this case:

I need to implement an operation or search that returns to a nurse a list of questionnaires that must be answered to a specific patient. I thought it would be done using the ‘useContext’ attribute of the resource ‘Questionnaire’, but this type of attribute (UsageContext) doesn’t support a valueReference to the resource Patient. Should I use a reference to a Group that has only the Patient that I need as a member to make this link?

The problem is caused because I need to use an third-party API that for a given patientId returns the list of questionnaireIds that this patient needs to answer, and I want to call this API inside an operation or method in one of the canonical FHIR resources.

Can anybody help me to think which would be the best solution?

Thanks in advance.

Questionnaire is not patient-specific. The Questionnaire represents the form definition - NOT a request to complete a form. A request to complete a form would generally be represented as an instance of Task or, if a formal order is needed, by a ServiceRequest. You would need to query those. The SDC IG expects to define a standard code to use for “request to fill out a questionnaire” and a standard Task.input code to use to identify the form to be filled, but that hasn’t been published yet.

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