How to model salutation / form of address for a HumanName

Hi everyone,

I am currently wondering about the salutation (also called form of address) for patients. To clarify, if you write a letter and start with “Dear Mr. Miller”, I refer to the “Mr.”

I think this would be part of HumanName, but I could be wrong. Now, most times I could simply defer this from the gender because there’s only “Mr.” and “Mrs.” as salutation. But in case I have a gender of “other”, it would be polite to ask the person: “How would you like to be addressed”. And then, I would need a place to store this information.

Is there a way to model this with the standard that I have overlooked? If not - shouldn’t this be supported, since an official third gender is legally supported by more and more countries?


You are looking for HumanName.prefix

Thanks a lot. I found out that this seems to be an issue of the German base profile. Because there, you have to additionally set a qualifier for the prefix (, and this does not contain salutations.

Also I just read on the details page that, for the german profile, prefix should not be used for salutations and that they should only appear in HumanName.text (
Doesn’t make too much sense to me, but it looks like I’ll have to talk to HL7 Germany then :wink:

Thanks again!

Try taking it up here: