How to represent the composite search param with Range value?

Hey there,

In the Group resource, the characteristics property is represented by code and valueCodeableConcept | valueBoolean | valueQuantity | valueRange.

How is valueRange represented in string?

For example, code + valueQuantity would be something like|2823-3$gt5.4||mmol/L. How would the range be represented in this case? Would it be a single number and that number is checked against the range represented by the valueRange since it has lower and upper range?

For example, if the characteristics contains code = system|code, and valueRange of 1.0 to 2.0, then ?characteristic-value=system|code$1.5 should match but ?characteristic-value=system|code$lt0.5 should not match. Is my assumption correct?

I think in general, the composite search parameters could use some more examples to illustrate how it should be parsed and used.


Please submit a change proposal (link at the bottom of any page in the spec). “token” is a valid search criteria for CodeableConcept and boolean, but not Quantity or Range. We’ll need a separate valueQuantity and a characteristic-valueQuantity search criteria to allow searching those elements. (You can also ask for some examples.)

Hi Lloyd,

I think my question was a little unclear. I was talking about characteristic-value search param, which is composite value. The property it points to is characteristic which could be either CodeableConcept, Boolean, Quantity, or Range.

I was asking how is Range represented in composite search value.


You wouldn’t use Range, the search parameter would be quantity. The problem is that you can’t search quantity and range and CodeableConcept and boolean with a single search parameter - you need two search parameters - one of type token and one of type quantity. Thus the need for the change request.