How to respond to QuestionnaireResponse?


I am implementing a FHIR-based webservice and I have a problem with the POST QuestionnaireResponse endpoint. Specifically, when a questionnaire response is received, the server should provide the client with the ID of the questionnaire response ( for that, I send the QuestionnaireResponse resource back with the ID field completed ), along with a list of warnings ( OperationOutcome ). What is the standard way to do this ? Should I send both types in the same reply, or should I return just the ID but provide a separate endpoint where the client can request the OperationOutcome list of warnings ?

Thank you

Sounds like a separate operation to me - is it validating the questionnaire response?

Part of that is validating against the FHIR schema and against the corresponding questionnaire but not only that, there are specific checks for data integrity against the project’s database. The question is, most of the times, this will result in warnings only, which should not prevent the questionnaire response to be processed and stored, but the client should be aware of them, so how will the client receive them ?

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