How to sort Organization's name with alphabet?

Hi all,

I’m newbie FHIR. Now I working on list Organization. Get list work great but I want sort them by name. I search before but not find answer. So someone can help me !! Below is image for current my data.

you should be able to have the organization sorted by name directly with adding the additional parameter to the search query, see e.g: _sort=name

Tks for your answer, but look it not working !!. This is my request

By default I sort by _lastUpdated and work great!. I don’t know why it not working with name :frowning:

what FHIR version does you use with the FHIR server? the _sort parameter syntax from above is for Release 4. For DSTU2 it would be _sort:asc=name. Otherwise you need to check the server documentation.

Yes, I’m using v4. Do we need update the structure to can sort by name, @oliveregger ? because I can sort by lastUpdated and I see lastUpdated appear in resource.meta

I get error from API.

in that case you need to sort on the client I guess …

I found reason. Because I’m using FHIR of MS and MS just support sort by lastUpdated now!