How to update Patient's Diagnostic data and Lab results?

Hi can anyone help me - I’m looking to integrate Epic FHIR in 2 of my applications

  1. Radiology related - Where radiologists will read the study and will update it (findings, impressions etc). Now I want to send this data back to EPIC and want it to update it the EHR I will be connecting to.
    Is it possible through FHIR or do I have to use HL7?

  2. Lab Information system - LIS will have patient’s lab results and now I need to send it back to EPIC and in the EHR I am connecting

In both scenarios - I need patient’s data to be updated in the EHR I’m communicating through EPIC.

I saw Observations.Update method but not sure if that take Diagnostic data.

Any help is appreciated!


First, note that FHIR is also an HL7 standard. I presume by “HL7” you’re referring to “HL7 v2”?

Have you reached out to In general, it’s best to follow up with the EHR directly first and ask questions here only if you don’t get a satisfactory answer.