How to use FHIR resource for Clinical Decision or Decision based on legal formalities

In psychiatry it is not uncommon to make decisions on behalf of a patient or to secure patient well-being. An example decision that restricts the patient or gives care participant the possibility to restrict the patient by use of force.

I wonder if anyone has mapped that kind of decision to a FHIR resource. I was thinking about using Procedure, but it seems not be exactly what I need. For me a procedure is more description of how the decision is implemented than the decision itself.

Any good proposals ?

Have you considered the Consent resource ( ? One of the examples HL7 provides is Consent for Medical Treatment. Another alternative is Questionnaire + QuestionnaireResponse though it may have less legal formality compared to Consent. How is it captured in your current workflow today?

Typically that sort of assertion would be considered an “order” and thus would generally be captured using ServiceRequest. It’s essentially an order for care - and the nature of the order might supersede certain rights the patient would normally have. (Consent is about giving permission for something, not about ordering something to occur.)

Thanks all. I did consider Consent but it did not fit. I didn’t think about ServiceRequest but it fits the purpose. Thanks Lloyd.