How use ServiceRequest with CarePlan?


I have questions about how to represent the relationship between ServiceRequest and CarePlan.

For example, suppose I create a new CarePlan with 4 ServiceRequests.

Now, I need to add a new ServiceRequest to the CarePlan. Can I use any options below?

  1. I get a CarePlan, add the ServiceRequest reference in activity field and update the CarePlan.

  2. I include the CarePlan reference in the basedOn field of ServiceRequest and save it.

I’m having a doubt if both options have the same meaning.

I saw this text below in the specification but I still have doubts about it.

Requests that are pointed to by a CarePlan using this element should not point to this CarePlan using the “basedOn” element. i.e. Requests that are part of a CarePlan are not “based on” the CarePlan.

Reading this text I think that a ServiceRequest “basedOn” CarePlan it is not part of the same CarePlan.

So what does “basedOn” represent clinically in this context?


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ServiceRequests can be linked 3 ways:

  1. ServiceRequest pointed to by CarePlan.activity. In this case the ServiceRequest is defining the details of what’s planned to be done. The ServiceRequest should have the same ‘intent’ level as the CarePlan

  2. CarePlan.basedOn points to ServiceRequest. The CarePlan is defined to “fulfill” whatever overall service was proposed/planned/ordered by the ServiceRequest

  3. ServiceRequest.basedOn points to CarePlan. The ServiceRequest is defined to “fulfill” all or part of what’s described by the CarePlan.