I need a proper resource to collect some events under it

A doctor refer the patient to another clinic I used serviceRequest(intent: order) to make the referral and used also serviceRequest(intent: filler-order) to handle response from destination
Is exist a resource can collect all encounters and servicesRequest under the referral
I need to track what happened in destination in my clinic


There are a few options. Typically everything done against the original ServiceRequest will have a ‘basedOn’ link that points back to that original order. As well, you could use Task to initiate the fulfillment of your order and update the Task to point to the ‘key’ results of that referral as Task.output. In some cases, you might opt to package up the report of everything that happened as a result of the referral into a FHIR Document to provide human navigability and organization to all of those records, though that typically won’t happen until everything is finished.