Ignoring bindings when validating

Hello all,

I am trying to use the FHIR validator (.jar) to validate some resources against a custom profile. Is there a way (a parameter?) to make it ignore the value set bindings that are defined in the profile?
I am getting a “can’t fetch” value set url error. I suppose it is normal since I have not created the ValueSet resources yet. But can I make it ignore the bindings for the moment and validate all the other stuff?

Thanks a lot!

There isn’t a parameter like that, I’m afraid

Thank you Grahame.

I started creating the value sets. It seems that the validator does not accept an OID as a value set URI (example: “urn:oid:”). I know that it is not really user friendly but that is our terminology identitification system for now.
I thought it was allowed tu use OIDs.
How can I perform the validation without creating fake URLs that we can’t maintain?