Implementation Guide Generation - Snaphot Generation Error

Hi everyone,

Fairly new to FHIR, so this maybe an obvious thing I am missing. I am writing a set of profiles based on the Australian Base. My StructureDefinitions only contain Differential Statements. I have one element that I am trying to set as type=ContactPoint. When generating my Implementation Guide I am getting the below error. As I said, I only have differential statements and not snapshot ones.

Error in snapshot generation: The profile has 1 element in the differential (id: MedicationRequest.token-delivery-address) that don’t have a matching element in the snapshot: check that the path and definitions are legal in the differential (including order)

I am looking for help with “check that the path and definitions are legal in the differential (including order)”. I’m not even sure what to look for here. My Definition is published at the below URL if that helps.



Looks like this is resolved now?

Still outstanding unfortunately. I am probably not explaining myself very well.

The offending field is in the Structure Definition, but when generating the Implementation Guide I get an error and the field does not appear in the html generated by the Implementation Guide.

Am I making sense?