initialSelected and initial[v] in Questionnaire

“Use this instead of initial[v] if answerValueSet is present.” quoting from the Comments of Questionnaire.item.answerOption.initialSelected . I wander if it shoud be “Use this instead of initial[v] if answerValueSet is NOT present.”

Because,I found the code below in the example page: It means when the answerValueSet is present, I should use the Questionnaire.item.initial instead of Questionnaire.item.answerOption.initialSelected

    <linkId value="1.1.4"/>
    <definition value=""/>
    <text value="Were you born a twin?"/>
    <type value="choice"/>
    <answerValueSet value=""/>
            <system value=""/>
            <code value="LA32-8"/>
            <display value="No"/>

Is this right?

Yeah, that guidance is wrong. It should indeed be “use this instead of initial[x] when declaring answerOptions”

Can you submit a change request to get the language fixed?

ok, I found two more errors. submit to the gforge?

Ideally do a quick scan to see if they might have already been identified, but if not, absolutely.