Inquiry about Mapping v2 to FHIR standard

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hope everyone is fine and doing well. I need some information, if anyone have then I would be so thankful, if he/she can share with me?

I wanna to know, should anyone know abut any mapping framework from HL7 v2 to FHIR? If anyone (in the industry or academia) is working or know about any v2 to FHIR mapping framework(model), then please share information with me. I want to just confirm it that should such type model is available or not.
I would be so thankful, if he or she can share information with me through my email (
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Ayaz, PhD Student

Plenty of work happening on this - you can track it happening here:

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your prompt response and valuable advice. As you said in your replay, work is happening on it. I understand that now work has been completed yet and the people are working in this area. Am I right? If no framework is available yet, then I plan to make a contribution in this area and want to work in this area.

Please advise me further. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Have you read through the referenced stream and engaged with the people posting there? That’s the way to tie into the current work (and make your own contributions).