Inquiry regarding mapping HL7 v2 to FHIR

Dear Colleagues,

I want to know, should anyone know about any middle ware translation engine which is used to translate HL7 v2 message to FHIR resource? If anyone (in the industry or academia) is working or know about any v2 to FHIR mapping framework(model), then please share information with me. I want to just confirm it that should such type model is available or not.

I understand that some people are working in this area, but I assume that there is no middle ware engine available and people are working to map specific resources from their own develop framework not through common framework. Am I right? Please advise me in this regard.

I would be so thankful, if he or she can share information with me through my email ( []
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Ayaz, PhD Student
Email: []

You might want to raise this on Not all of those involved in mapping to and from v2 reasd this forum.