InterSystems FHIR as a service programming Contest

Dear FHIR community members!
I’m happy to share that we in InterSystems introduced a new managed service on AWS: InterSystems FHIR as a Service.
Next week we are starting the 3 weeks programming contest for the best usage of the service.
I kindly invite you to join our Kick-off webinar on Monday 10th of May at 1 PM EST with InterSystems Product manager Patrick Jamieson and Product owner Regilo Souza.
Learn more about the contest terms and prizes in the following announcement.

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Hey developers!

Learn how to use InterSystems IRIS FHIR Accelerator Service (FHIRaaS) on AWS to join the InterSystems FHIR Accelerator Programming Contest!

:spiral_calendar: Duration: May 10 - June 6
:gift: Total prize: $8,750

Show your best coding skills, and earn some $ and glory!