IPS Mapping (CDA/FHIR)

Hey everybody.

I would like to do a transformation from an International Patient Summary (IPS) FHIR document / set of ressources to a IPS CDA. Both implementation guides are available:
as a new user I can post only one link (http://international-patient-summary.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=IPS_implementationguide_1), but there is also an implementation guide for the IPS FHIR

Is there any existing script which can do such a transformation (in one direction, or in both directions)? If there is not any, it would be really great if someone could give me some hints how this can be done (guides, etc.).

Thanks in advance!

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just a fallow-up: after some research I came across to the “FHIR Mapping Language”. So I should be able to do the transformation (lets say from FHIR to CDA) by creating a mapping file, which gives instructions to the mapping engine, how the FHIR IPS resources should be mapped into a IPS CDA by the mapping engine. Would this be the right choice to solve the mentioned task, or would there be easier solutions if both implementation guides (IPS FHIR Implementation Guide and IPS CDA Implementation Guide) are given/known?

I’m not aware of existing fhir mapping language scripts but maybe you could post your question also on the IPS stream on chat.fhir.org: https://chat.fhir.org/#narrow/stream/207835-IPS

Thanks for the response, will also post this question to the chat you mentioned :slight_smile:

Hi, Alex. We don’t have anything IPS-specific to offer for this that I’m aware of (at least not yet). I do agree with posting the question on the IPS Zulip stream, and I will also respond there.