Is there a US CORE STU5 test server that allows me to verify the resources I create

I followed the example of “US CORE STU5 P-R interval {EKG lead} Example” [ HL7.FHIR.US.CORE\P-R interval {EKG lead} Example - JSON Representation - FHIR v4.0.1 ] to create an EKG resource, but I can’t find the US CORE STU5 test server,
I found Firely Server but it only supports US core STU3, the example of EKG first appeared in US CORE STU5, so STU3 is not acceptable.

All of the US Core specs are based on FHIR R4.0.1, so there should be no issue creating instances of any US Core version on them.

That is great!!!
Thank you, sir!

Hi @caoteng, not sure what led you to believe that Firely Server only supports STU3 US Core, but this server has R4 US Core loaded: (eg check to see it instantiates the US Core capability statement)

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