Is there a way to represent a measurement with multiple values as a observation?


I got a problem that I have some measurement data ( like Echo measurements), that can potentially have multiple values associated with it. In other words, you have a single measurement, but multiple values associated.
Is there a standard way to represent multiple values for a single measurement as a Observation?
If so, what is the best way?
I notice that under observation, you can have multiple components, should I put my LOINC code for my measurement just at observation level and put each value at component level?
Or I have to use extensions?


For what it’s worth, I agree with your suggestion of using the ‘component’ property to handle a multiple value scenario, assuming you are not dealing with sampled data. If you’re dealing with periodic sampled data, I would use the valueSampledData property for capturing the entire data set.

It depends on the actual use case. SampledData datatype is used for streaming data. Multiple discrete values that cannot stand alone as individual independent measurements use the Observation.component structure. Bundle is used to package several independent measurements. Please describe your use case in more detail.