JSON Format for Practitioner-How to map Location

I want to understand how to refer Provider’s multiple Practice Locations from Practitioner resource.

You’ll need to use PractitionerRole. Practitioner represents the individual, independent of who they work for, what they do and where. There can be multiple PractitionerRole instances for the same Practitioner.

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Thank you Iloyd! Yes I figured that out.
Practitioner Role will refer to Practitioner & Location Resource.

I am trying to finalize JSON format. Here I need bare minimum fields.
Could you please guide me around which nodes could be skipped?
for ex: Can I skip below node?
“jurisdiction” : [
“coding” : [
“system” : “urn:iso:std:iso:3166”,
“code” : “US”

Anything that has a minimum cardinality of 0 in the resource definition can be skipped.

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Makes sense… Thank you…