JsonMappingException when Trying to convert from String to Claim object

I am trying to Convert the received claim which is in string to Claim object using the jackson ObjectMapper as below

import ca.uhn.fhir.model.dstu2.resource.Claim;
import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper;

Claim claim =new ObjectMapper().readValue(claimString, Claim.class);

Claim String looks like below
“resourceType”: “Claim”,
“text”: {
“status”: “generated”,
“div”: “

Patient had an Emergency encounter at Everett Medical Center

“type”: “institutional”,
“identifier”: [{
“system”: “http://www.collectivemedicaltech.com/claim”,
“value”: “cce55fe3-b080-4684-88a2-dca2ca873940”
“created”: “2017-02-07”,
“target”: {
“reference”: “d38cbe85-af86-4099-b8fb-bfbf9224d483”
“organization”: {
“reference”: “fb2581cc-aad3-4ac4-95e2-e5ac89aeaf70”
“provider”: {
“reference”: “123456-1234-44a8-89b1-132b38d47333”

com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonMappingException: Conflicting setter definitions for property “type”: ca.uhn.fhir.model.dstu2.resource.Claim#setType(1 params) vs ca.uhn.fhir.model.dstu2.resource.Claim#setType(1 params).