Lifetime for Bundles from search operations

Quick questions about the Bundle resources that are returned from searches (searchset).
If the bundles are returned with an ID, presumably the client could request that bundle again from the server, either via the ID or the URIs in the link element.
How long should the Bundle URI be valid? (presumably not forever as the server would fill up with search results?)

it’s possible that a server could choose to do that - to store the bundle against the id, and then you could request it like that. But there’s no requirement for a server to do that, and I very much doubt that any of the (many many) current servers do. Certainly a client could not expect that this would happen.

As for how long it should be valid - that has 2 different answers; It should never mean anything different, the id should never be re-used. So in that sense, it’s valid for always. But how long should a server make it available - that’s totally at server discretion but as I said, the typical answer is: not at all

That make sense, thank you for clearing that up. I was wondering about what would happen if a server returned a ‘paged’ response to a search, and then the underlying database was updated in some way in between the client getting the first page, and requesting subsequent pages via the ‘link’ elements in the bundle.