Linking between Evidence and ValueSet


We have not implemented FHIR server, we have only requirement to send REST response in the form of FHIR resource instead of our own response format.

So after reading documents I found ValueSet and CodingSystem, we have to return those resources and also we have to return evidences.

So we will send bundle which includes ValueSet, CodingSystem and Evidence resources, but here references/linking between Evidence and ValueSet can’t be done, so is it ok if some resources not referenced in bundle?

Our current response is like:

 "codes": [
            "value": "45378",
            "codingSystem": "CPT4",
            "evidence": [
                    "textSpan": {
                        "text": "Colonoscopy",
                        "beginOffset": 274
                    "certainty": "POSITIVE",
                    "status": "CURRENT",
                    "section": {
                        "text": "PROCEDURE PERFORMED",
                        "beginOffset": 253

I do not understand your example. The Evidence resource does not have an element section, its status element does not allow the value “CURRENT”, etc.

Please supply some more context.