Linking MedicationRequests

As each MedicationRequest only generates one instance per medication, I was looking how to group them.

This is a good explanation: request - FHIR v4.0.1
For our our purposes, linking all the medicationrequest resources by requisitionID makes sense.
But in the resource, I cannot find this element,
Is it the equivalent of group identifier? do I need to link each resource to a common resource?

“Based on” seems incorrect as it is a point-in-time prescription.

Thanks in advance. v new to FHIR!

MedicationRequest.groupIdentifier is the element intended to meet the requirement of requisitionId. It allows you to identify multiple MedicationRequests that were all produced as part of the same “ordering event”. In a paper world, these would be all of the meds (and maybe devices) that would have been ordered on a single piece of paper.

(And welcome to the FHIR community!)

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Thanks Lloyd - do we need to link all of the MedicationRequest to another resource? (Composition?) via the group identifier or is the same groupID across resources enough?

Same groupIdentifier is sufficient.