Linking Patient resource to Person resource

We are developing a system for primary healthcare, that shall sit atop an existing registry of residents (Person resources). We also plan to represent families using the RelatedPerson resource.

This is schematic that represents a Mother <> Son family.

Here, we have assumed that the Patient resource can point to the Person resource using the link field. Is this feasible? The patient resource documentation states that the Patient resource can only point to other Patient and RelatedPerson resources.

The reason we would like to link from Patient to Person, is to be able to move from a patient’s record to those of their family members.

Person links to Patient, RelatedPerson and Practitioner. In FHIR, links only happen in one direction (though you can navigate them either way). So you could find the RelatedPerson records for the Patient, then find the Person that points to the RelatedPerson and the Patient that same Person points to.

Thank you for clarifying.