Linking related observations

We receive a bunch of sensor data from different devices. These can be on a number of different formats: proprietary or some fhir form. Often there are multiple measurements arising from the same source, which in FHIR might be represented as a Bundle of Observations or a Transaction of Observations when we receive them. Other non-FHIR representations typically just have an object with a timestamp and a bunch of fields for each of the measurements.

Is there a way I can somehow represent that a single Observation is from the same “source” as a bunch of other observations? For instance, Essenlix produces the iMOST device that draws 9 different values from a single drop of blood. I would like to be able to represent some kind of relationship here so that one can find the other 8 measurements that were taken at the same time as the single one.

I saw a related discussion on Observations relating to blood pressure and the gist was to link them by time, which feels a bit so-so.

There are a few options:

  • In your specific example - one blood drop being used for multiple measurements - you could/should link the Observations by indicating they are all based on the same Specimen
  • You can also create a ‘panel’ Observation that has all of the individual measurements as ‘members’
  • You can just rely on the fact that you have multiple measurements taken by the same person at the same time with the same device.