List of patient for a given clinician

Hey everyone–

Looking for some help.
How can I get list of patients that a provider/clinician is caring for?


In what context?

  • The list of patients who declare the clinician as their primary care provider? - search against Patient general-practitioner
  • The list of patients whose care team includes the clinician as a member? - search against CareTeam participant and do an _include on patient
  • The list of patients where the clinician is a participant in their encounter? - search against Encounter practitioner and do an _include on patient
  • The list of patients in a capitation list associated with the practitioner? - find the List filtering by owner and list type, and look at the patients in the list

There’s probably one or two other possibilities too…

hey @lloyd thanks for the response.

We are looking to get list of patients whom the clinician is on the care team.

Ok, so CareTeam?participant=Practitioner/123&_include=CareTeam:patient

Thanks @lloyd I will give that a try

@lloyd this is not working for me. as I am Using Epic

this is my request.
can you help me in this ?

Epic doesn’t (yet?) support queries that return multiple patients using FHIR. You’ll need to reach out to to explore what alternatives they have.