Looking for FHIR and OAuth (via Auth0) Expertise

Looking for someone that knows if it is possible to use Auth0’s OAUTH implementation, to store a piece of data, like a PatientID, within the OAuth response/Callback.

We have a system where we have WEBAPP_A, WEBAPP_B, and AUTH0 as the IdP.

We need:

  • a user in WEBAPP_A to authenticate to WEBAPP_B via OAUTH (Done)
  • upon successful authentication, WEBAPP_A sends a PatientID to WEBAPP_B within the Auth0 OAUTH response
  • WEBAPP_B will, upon receiving a PatientID, request additional information from WEBAPP_A
  • WEBAPP_A will then receive a query string that leads to WEBAPP_B’s application via a new browser tab.

We need to figure out how WEBAPP_A sends metadata (PatientID) along with the request for authentication.

I am hoping I explained the issue accurately but understand that I am not a developer.

Auth0 Enterprise Support is not an option for us so we are looking for a consultant.


Question also raised here: https://chat.fhir.org/#narrow/stream/179166-implementers/topic/Looking.20for.20FHIR.20and.20OAuth.20(via.20Auth0).20Expertise

In general, it’s bad practice to raise the same question in multiple places simultaneously. Give the community time to answer (a couple of business days) in one place before raising the issue somewhere else.