Managing version of resource profile to cover backward compatibility

Resource or profile can be changed after publish it officially. For example, heart rate profile(official URL :'s fixed code(8867-4) is changed to other text, like 12345-1. Another example, something new resource is created and added to CarePlan resource as reference type.(At the moment, CarePlan resource’s maturity level might be increased.) In this case, I think describing version of profile/resource in the content would be a solution.
I thought meta.versionId is the thing, but it has 0…1 text and meta.profile has 0…*. Is there any way to indicate the profile/resource’s version?

meta.profile can be a version-specific reference. I.e. [base]/StructureDefinition/[id]/_version/123

Thanks for replying.
But your suggestion looks like a query thing. Can it be described at the content’s meta.profile? like below.
“meta”: {
“versionId”: “1”,
“profile”: [

Yes, that’s what I was trying to convey. Whenever you have a reference, it can be version-specific.