Map MFN_M10 to FHIR Resource

Hello. I need to map MFN_M10 messages to FHIR resources and i don’t know how or on what kind of resourse is the correct one to put my lab services. Any help would be great

We’re currently working on an ObservationDefinition resource, but it’s still in draft state. Feedback on it would be welcome.

@lloyd I can see another resource type named: CatalogEntry (with maturity level 0 as well). One of the valid scopes is: A laboratory compendium and has a reference to ObservationDefinition. That catalog entry even has an orderable property like the OM1 MFN’s segment. the idea is to use a combination of both resources types?

The CatalogEntry, if it gets approved, would likely be a wrapper for ObservationDefinition. This whole area is still in the early stages, so at this point, you should expect radical change. If you need to implement now, look at what’s there, pick what’s closest to what you need and be prepared to extend. Feedback is welcome.

We are implementing our laboratory compendiums using CatalogEntry but we noticed as you mentioned that is not intended to hold the definition of the item itself. there is no way to specify the text for a given laboratory test. we need to reference another resource that actually holds the definition, maybe ActivityDefinition? What we are trying to achieve is make visible to users what can be ordered on each laboratory.

ObservationDefinition is the draft resource for that purpose in R4. You might be able to make due with ActivityDefinition in R3, but it’s probably not going to be a great fit.

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We need to be able to list Tests under each profile similar to what is done with the OM5 segment of the MFN message type. How would this be achieved?

You might need to raise this on the Orders & Observation list server or on as it’s not likely that those able to answer the question are monitoring this forum - if there even is an answer to it yet, given the early development stages of this area in FHIR.