Mapping internal specialties and filtering them

I would like to map a list of specialties I have on my end to a list of CodeableConcepts within FHIR. I would also like to provide an API that will return a filtered list of specialties based on the specialty display (i.e. name).

I’m not quite sure how this would be done in FHIR in terms of:

  • Which resource type to use to represent this list of specialties (CodeSystem perhaps?)
  • How the URL structure would look like for an API to filter this list based on the specialty display

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

You would have a CodeSystem that contains the specialties. You’d have a ValueSet defined as “all codes from that code system” and you’d use the VaueSet$expand operation together with the ‘filter’ operator to retrieve a list of all of the specialties whose display name contains the user-specified text.

Thanks for the insight Lloyd, appreciate it.