MAR - Discontinue a Medication

I want to show entries in a MAR. How do I show a discontinued entry for a medication? I don’t see anywhere where you can show this in MedicationAdministration which is supposed to be used for MAR.

FHIR 3 - How to show a discontinued medication in MedicationAdministration


MedicationAdministration allows you to say what was given (or not). If you want to indicate that an overall medication has been stopped, you’ll need to use MedicationOrder/MedicationRequest.

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I’m late to this discussion, but I would just add that in the current build (leading up to STU3), MedicationRequest.intent = instance-order represents the entry on the MAR. As such, you can use MedicationRequest to communicate whether a specific MAR entry has been stopped (when intent = instance-order) OR the overall medication order has been stopped (when intent = order).

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