MedicationKnowledge and Medication ingredients relationship


We using a Medication resource as a pointer in prescribe-dispense process. Also, we using a MedicationKnowledge for populate additional pharmaceutical and clinical information about medication. But I have a concern - should we fill repeated properties in both resources, like doseForm and ingredients? Both of the resources have these properties. Thanks

Typically, Medication.ingredient, form, etc. are only used if you’re using a ‘custom’ compound or something like that. Otherwise, there’s no particular reason to convey that information. I.e. if you’re using Medication rather than just sending a ‘code’ so that you can communicate lot or expiration date, there’s no need to convey details that will be understood by someone who recognizes the standard medication.

Thank you.

However, in our system we don’t use a standard code (like SNOMED, RxNorm). In our particular case - our system distribute Medication catalogue. So, we use Medication and MedicationKnowledge to cover info about generics and brand names. But we still have a concern should we fill form, *.ingredient in both resources. Is there any standard FHIR approach for these cases.

Thank you.

What really matters isn’t the standardization of the codes, but the access to the definitions. If the relevant systems have access to the MedicationKnowledge for the ‘standard’ medications, then there’s no need to replicate that in the Medication instances pointed to by MedicationRequest and MedicationDispense instances. However, ingredients will still be needed when prescribing and dispensing custom compounds, IV bags, etc.