MedicationOrder to MedicationRequest convertion (DSTU2 to STU3)

I am migrating a Messaging implementation of MedicationOrder exchange from a DSTU2 context to STU3.

I need to exchange a medication request cancellation (status = cancelled) and inform an HIS about the reason , the date and who cancelled the request.

I thought I would just use the MedicationRequest.eventHistory and put that information on a Provenance resource but it seems that the eventHistory “SHALL NOT include the Provenance associated with this current version of the resource”.

Since we are implementing pure message exchange, we do not have a way to query provenance records as the standard seems to sugest.

I dont see how I can fully represent a cancelled MedicationRequest on a single exchange…

How would you guys do this?

As per FHIR’s rules for asking questions, questions should be given a chance to resolve in one engagement forum before being raised in another.

See discussion and responses on here