MedicationRequest Stopped vs Cancelled State


I’m a little newbie regarding FHIR, probably you can help me out.

What’s the different between stopped and cancelled state for a medication request? in wich scenarios can a medication request falls on stopped or cancelled ?

Why medicationstatement doesn’t have the state cancelled ?

Thanks in advance,
Sérgio Silva

The definitions of the MedicationRequest statuses are here:

The gist is that Cancelled means the patient never got the drug. Stopped means they presumably received some of it. The distinction is important when doing decision support for drug-drug-interaction checking and for answering questions like “have you ever taken drug X?”

MedicationStatement doesn’t have cancelled because it represents “what is the patient actually doing?” rather than “what’s authorized?” As such, you’ll only have a MedicationStatement if the patient is actually taking the med. There’s nothing to ‘cancel’ before the patient starts.