Meteorology Information in FHIR


I have one doubt to mapping the meteorology information with FHIR. I not found the apropiate resource to incorporate this information into the standard.

In what resource should I mapping this information?


Meterology? as in weather? Or do you mean ‘metrology’?

As in weather yes. Temperature, wind, etc.

Observation, I guess. Whether it’s a prediction or actual measurements of rainfall, wind speed, etc. Out of curiousity, what’s the linkage with healthcare?


I need information about predictions of humidity, temperature, etc. because there are diagnoses that depend on these parameters the symptoms can increase or decrease. This information help me to do better predictions and better managing of appointments.

So Observation with a subject of Location, where the location describes a geographic region. The Observation.effectivePeriod would indicate when the prediction is expected to hold. The Observation.code would indicate “predicted humidity”, “predicted temperature”, etc. The Observation.issued would be when the prediction was made.