Minor text edits to FHIR documentation

I would like to suggest minor edits to FHIR documentation.

  1. I followed the “propose a change” link from the footer.

  2. I landed in jira, and was intimiated because the issues there seemed quite serious.

Is jira the right place to suggest text edits? If so, is there a reference issue that I can use as a template?

PS: The changes I have in mind is minor. In RiskAssessment - FHIR v4.3.0, the description of RiskAssessment.reasonCode is “Why the assessment was necessary?”. I would like to propose a change to “What was the assessment necessary?”. Similar edit for RiskAssessment.reasonReference.

Yes, Jira is used even for minor edits. Read the Confluence page on how to provide feedback.

I’m hoping where you suggested “What was the…,” you really meant “Why was the…”.

@Ashavan Thank you. And thanks for pointing out my typo.