Modelling a waiting list entry

I am looking for a resource to record the fact that a patient is on the waiting list for somelike - like this patient is on the knee replacement waiting list.

I am looking at two possible candidates - the EpisodeOfCare and the Encounter resource. The EpisodeOfCare has a status of “waitlist” so I believe this is the one i should use. I can also see that I could use a Planned status on the Encounter resource.

What are others using for this type?

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Look at Appointment - it has a status specifically of WaitList. EpisodeOfCare typically spans multiple appointments (possibly with a variety of Practitioners) and Encounter represents a visit that’s actually ongoing (or at the very least is scheduled and in the preparatory stages).

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Thanks Lloyd, I will review the Appointment resource - but typically a waiting list entry is more closely related to an inpatient encounter, than an outpatient service. I’m thinking I’m on the waiting list for a knee replacement. I will then get a hospital booking to come in, (I will get an appointment for a pre-anaesthetic review) and then later admitted, go to theatre, have the procedure and then be sent home. Afterwards i will have some appointments for rehab.

Appointments are used for both inpatient and outpatient. It’s about any planned future encounter that has not yet “started” from a billing perspective. It’s possible to have an “appointment” that will subsequently span multiple appointments/encounters too.

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