Multiple meanings for Resource

Hi there - question about fhir integrations strategy.

I have a feature in my app that I have a fhir interface for. This product basically allows customers to tell their patients to do something. (get a flu shot…whatever).

I’m representing this as a Task. Another customer is representing this as a ServiceRequest.

Should I have two resources representing the same thing in my fhir server? Is it reasonable to change my queries to my fhir server based on separate customers thus a custom integration?

Should I hold the line and say this 1 resource is representing this?

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There are two different aspects to “asking a patient to do something”

  • the authorization/detailed description of what is to be done
  • the solicitation and management of acceptance/refusal and monitoring of completion

ServiceRequest (and the other ‘request’ resources) handle the first, while Task handles the second. Task can take on the description part if it’s not something super complex and it’s not something that needs formal authorization (e.g. please fill out this form, don’t forget to take your pill tonight).

You may well find that you need both resources - just be sure to use them as they’re designed :slight_smile: