Multiple patient resources found in patient compartment error


I’ve just been doing some work this evening in fetching patient data using JSON from the test.fhir server.

What I want to do is to fetch all the resources associated with a single patient.

When I pass the URL:

I can see a single patient (Donald Duck), with the ID pat1.

If however I enter the string:$everything

Which I thought was intended to fetch all the data associated with a patient, I am getting an HTTP 500 error with ‘multiple patient resources found in patient compartment’ error. This is visible using the string as a simple URL as well as in my debug.

Could anyone give me any clues as to what the error means?

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It means a bug in my code. I have fixed it

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Ooh brilliant! Well I am glad I could be of help then!

Is it live now? I’ll give it another spin :slight_smile:

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I think I’ve managed to do it again with another patient. Try this URL:$everything?_format=application/json+fhir