Nested questions using the ressource Questionnaire

I want to implement a ressource of the type Questionnaire. I want to have nested items like shown in this example:, which I can’t find where to implement in HL7 FHIR STU3. In this example it isn’t clear how the nested questions is implemented, whether item is sliced or what they do. How is this solved in STU3, when I am profiling using Forge?

Thanks in advance!

You don’t use Forge to express nested questions. You just create a Questionnaire instance that has nested questions. Forge is for defining profiles. You can create a profile on Questionnaire if you want to set a common set of rules that apply to a lot of different Questionnaires, but the details of a particular questionnaire are handled by creating a Questionnaire instance.

I am new to FHIR and have a similar question with the original poster. I am trying to use SDC to capture user entered data using various types of questions. Once I set up the profile using FORGE, what would be the next step in creating the nested questions? Do I manually create the questionnaire form structure using XML? Thanks!

I don’t believe Forge can be used to author Questionnaires. (It’s for creating profiles.) In terms of Questionnaire authoring, right now you’re looking at either authoring by hand or using Grahame Grieves FHIRToolkit ( You can validate your authored Questionnaire against the SDC profiles using the FHIR validator (

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Thanks, Lloyd. That is very helpful.