Network of providers


I checked DaVinci documentation but couldn’t figure out exactly how to represent network of providers (organizations). Please take into consideration that one provider could exist in multiple networks.


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Check here:

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I already checked this reference and this is what i understood please confirm :
Network is Organization linked to another Organization (payer) using partOf field and there are many Locations (providers) pointed to network organization using managingOrganization field.

That means i represent provider as location in network not organization, do you know why ?

Another thing please, in this supposition i can only link Location (provider) to one network which is not true in real case.


From the IG, a Location is the physical place where healthcare services are provided, practitioners are employed, organizations are based, etc, and the term provider can refer to a doctor, hospital, healthcare professional or healthcare facility.. Not 100% sure though, this is just my own assumption

Do you perhaps have a use case that you can share?

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I faced real business case where same provider exists in multiple networks but only one of those networks will be assigned to member plan.


Okay, may you try posting on this forum: