New to FHIR - Need help with setting up FHIR with existing MySQL database

I am new to FHIR and its implementation. I have been playing around with HAPI FHIR (Java Implementation) and used hapi-server-example project to use it with MySQL database. I found a script online which created a testing database and I was able to successfully create patient, resource, organization etc and getting back the data from database.

I have an existing database with real patient data. It does not follow the schema of the testing database. I am unable to find any tutorial or information on how to connect FHIR with my existing database with real patient database. Can someone here please guide on how to do that. I have spent more than a week searching for information related to this topic and it has been in vain.

You might want to post on the HAPI stream on In general, you’ll probably want to use a tool like Hybernate to map between your relational data store and the FHIR object representations.

Thank you for your reply. I have asked the same question over there. They suggested the same. I just need a working example to see how it is done. I can work from there.

sorry for the revive.
Did you have any luck with that? :slight_smile: Im in the same shoes now…