Newbie looking for a HL7 test server - please help!

Hi everyone,

my name is Armin, I am from Germany, and I have been a programmer for around 30 years now. My new project is my first contact with the healthcare community, and I need some initial leads to get things going. Would you please help if you can? I started to familiarize myself with the terminology in use, nevertheless forgive if I do probably ask unclear questions or miss some technical terms. English is also not my native language.

As far as I read, there are two data formats around: FHIR (the json format) and HL7 (the older binary format). Is this correct?

If so, top on my wish list is a server serving test data, which I can use to make my first experiments and code samples. For FHIR I found HAPI-FHIR, which is available both via Docker and as a life server at

Is there a similar server providing data in the older binary HL7 format?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Armin,

For FHIR and its antecedents see Comparison - FHIR v4.0.1
For test servers other than HAPI, which is one of the reference servers, see Public Test Servers - FHIR - Confluence

I do not know of a V2 server that does what you want.