Newbie to FHIR, How can i start? share your experience, please

Hello FHIR community,

I am new to FHIR,
I am planning to integrate FHIR with our Health care system.

Can you suggest where can I start?

Give me your experience when you start to integrate FHIR to your system? what challenges do you face? how you handle these challenges? where do you start?

The typical starting point is reading through the spec, particularly the pages highlighted at the top of the first page. As you start to dig deeper, play around with some of the reference implementations linked to at the bottom of the first page and maybe dig through some of the blogs as well. Check out some of the reference implementations and explore the recorded tutorials (Google ‘FHIR Devdays videos’). After you’ve got a deeper understanding of what FHIR can do and what existing systems are using it for, find out what FHIR capabilities the software in your healthcare system already have. Then think about what you want them to be and what the gaps are. By that point you’ll have more detailed questions to ask, either here or on

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Thanks, @lloyd, I did what you suggest and it really helps me