None of the codes provided are in the value set

Hello friends. I am doing some testing and trying to $validate a very simple resource. I am posting it to:

Base URL:
Path: /DeviceMetric/$validate

Here is the resource:

“text”:{“status”:“generated”,“div”:“<div xmlns="\”>P measurement"},

I get the following error:

None of the codes provided are in the value set, and a code is recommended to come from this value set) (codes = urn:iso:std:iso:11073:10101#131072)

My issue is that this code actually does exist in the valueset. Its the first one in the list at

Am I doing something wrong?

Is it an error or a warning? (It ought to be a warning.)

In any event, the message is bogus. There’s a quality problem with the package of terminology exposed by VSAC - the system that maintains the relevant code system. Because of that, the validator isn’t able to properly look up the codes. It’s a known issue, but because it’s a third-party system, the fix isn’t as fast or simple as we might prefer.

Ah yes. The message is “informational” not an error. And if I $validate on some other public FHIR servers, it reports “no issues”. Thank you very much.