Observation - Blood glucose measurements using hand held devices - category as laboratory?


blood glucose measurements measured by patients using hand held devices don’t fall under any of the categories mentioned in the above URL.

Since the testing was not conducted by the lab, can the category be still called out as “laboratory” or is there any other preferred category code that can be used?

Any recommendation/guidance is much appreciated

Hi Shalini,

I echo, ‘laboratory’ as category for observations performed at home is not a wise approach.

Is it possible to skip category element for patient generated health data and just document ‘observation.performer’ as patient himself (reference to patient)?

Patient being a performer will suggest that the observation has been conducted at home.

And also we can log in device details using “observation.device”
And Device resource has an element “location” where patient’s home can be referenced.

I will do more research on this and let you know if I get any new insights to cover the above scenario.


Yes we are planning to leave it blank. If you are able to find any new insights please do let us know.

Thank you!

  • Shalini