Observation - clarification about code element

We are looking to capture specific observations derived using data analytics that may not be readily available in the list of LOINC Codes. We are planning to maintain it as a holistic reference link that includes the specific derived observation codes and LOINC Codes. Please let me know if this could cause any issues?

You can make up your own codes and use them in Observation.code, but the only systems that understand your codes will be those you write, or work with. Other systems will have issues of some kind or other - ignoring the observations, or reporting errors, or crashing, or something. but that might happen with LOINC or SNOMED codes too - depends on the system

I am thinking of maintaining a comprehensive list that includes organizations generated codes and LOINC codes to start.

Since we have coding {system,code,display} as part of the code attribute.
If I were to provide a link as part of coding.system where they can evaluate it from, would it still be an issue.

Will this work?

Coding.system must be the canonical URL of the code system being used. So all LOINC codes must have a Coding.system of “http://loinc.org”. And similarly, any local codes must have a single URL that uniquely identifies that code system. It’s nice if the code system’s canonical URL happens to resolve to a human-friendly page to read the available codes, but the primary purpose of the URL is to computably identify the code system so that regardless of what application captures the code, everyone knows eactly what system the code came from.

This explanation is very helpful. I will let the team know and we will towards the solution.
thank you!