OPD_FLow and encounters

Can any one refer to the OPD process flow and comment whether the encounter trigger point and status are correctly mapped.

What is OPD? I’m not clear from the diagram what mapping is taking place.

OPD means Out Patient Department or Ambulatory care.

  1. Patient check in to the Hospital
  2. Patient visit and meet the Doctor, Consultant
  3. Patient visit the Pharmacy
  4. Pharmacist dispense medicine to the patient
  5. Patient complete the payment for lab test (The doctor ordered a lab test)
  6. Patient visit the bleeding room.

Typically an Encounter is not created when an Appointment is created. The Encounter only comes into being when ‘work’ starts to be done against it. E.g. if someone comes in for pre-admit work, the Encounter might be created to cover that as ‘planned’. But you don’t get an Encounter as soon as the Appointment is created. The notion of ‘arrived’ is used to note that someone has reached the facility but they haven’t actually ‘met’ with anyone yet (except possibly the admissions clerk). Be aware that different organizations will use the statuses slightly differently because processes vary from organization to organization.