Organization resource search doesn't return expected results

I need some help understanding why this doesn’t seem to be working. The following requirement came from the Da Vinci pdex capability statement. The response I get, using Postman, when executing the following _include just says "“The search parameter ‘Organization:coverage-area’ is not supported for resource type ‘Organization’.” So a couple of questions, why would I be getting this response if it’s part of the IG and our Fhir server was configured to implement Da Vinci PDEX? Second question is, the Organization Resource doesn’t contain a coverage-area property so how do this linkage even occur?

Organization:coverage-area - GET [base]/Organization?[parameter=value]&_include=Organization:coverage-area

“[parameter=value]&” definitely shouldn’t be in the search string.

The coverage-area SearchParameter is a custom search parameter defined in the PDex Plan Net IG. It searches against the location-reference extension, which can appear on Organization.

If the server is saying that coverage-area isn’t recognized, that could mean a few things:

  • the server might not be configured to recognize the custom coverage-area search parameter at all
  • the server might recognize the search parameter, but not be set up to support it as an _include. (Not all search parameters that can be searched can necessarily be included.)

You’ll have to follow up with the provider of the server to figure out exactly what’s happening.


Thanks lloyd! I understand your answer and makes perfect sense! I do have one additional question about the location-reference extension. Is that only available for the Organization type Network?? Meaning, can I (should I) be utilizing the location-reference ext on ALL Organization resources (facilities, clinics, pharmacies, etc…) or only those of type insurance Network?

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The extension is useable on all Organization resources. However, there’s only an expectation it’ll be supported on the profiles where it’s flagged as “mustSupport”. If you use it elsewhere, there’s a possibility that a PDex-conformant system might ignore it.

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So we added the custom search parameter coverage-area. Using the guide provided here HL7.FHIR.US.DAVINCI-PDEX-PLAN-NET\Plannet_sp_network_coverage_area - FHIR v4.0.1

After adding the new parameter our server guy executed a re-index. I still receive the message that ‘coverage-area’ is not supported by resource type Organization. Also the parameter is still not showing as available looking at the capability statement (metadata). Is there something else that needs to be done in order for the newly created parameter to be recognized by our Fhir server? Looking at the documentation running a re-index should have been the only thing required. Are we missing something or any ideas on what we can go and verify?

You’ll need to follow up with the developer of your server. The FHIR standard doesn’t define if or how servers dynamically handle new SearchParameters.

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