Parsing profiles-resources.json

i just tried to parse the json files form DSTU3 profiles-resources.json
i used the hapi on FHIR classes with Bundle.
but parsing was not ok. It stop cause “Unknown ContactPointSystem code ‘url’”
So i check the doc of ContactPoint and i see that ContactPoint.system should be a code from the valueset that contain " phone | fax | email | pager | other".

so to me hapi on fhir was right to stop the parsing as the code is wrong and that valueset is setted as “Required” …

I check the profiles-resources and i can see many things like :
" “contact”: [
“telecom”: [
“system”: “url”,
“value”: “

So my question is :
is this an error or something i dont understand ?
if i customize the file and replace the wrong code with “other” for example, should i expect similar problemes with other valueset ?

What version of HAPI are you using (url was added to the valueset in version 1.8 January 2017). I believe this should be supported by the latest version of HAPI (2.2), but possibly, it was deferred to the not-yet-released version 2.3.

thank you for your answer.
i did not even notice that “url” was added inside the valueset

so thanks to you, now i understand that issue is a pb of HAPI version.
i was testing 2.1
Again thank you !

PS : i will try 2.2.
will post there if any issue.

parsing was ok with HAPI 2.2 .